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New Talent Registration

Dear Friends of the Music Entertainment Group. We noticed that 100's of young talent has been registering to our systems MEG. The are never approved because the information they enter in the registration form is false. Why join a music network with false name and false information about yourself.

It defeats the purpose, the idea is to promote your talent, every country is welcome in our Intranets and MEG communities..

We do this to assist you, to promote your demos your pictures, your talent. Musicians, Singers, Engineers, Models, Agencies. We don't ask anything in return, some of our members have received additional studio time to complete their projects at no additional cost, we get the approval from producers when they see that your music, songs, talent has a great potential to make it though this difficult market.

So please if you decide to join be honest there is nothing to hide, your information is safe and available to producers and talent scouts in our Intranet Networks. what do you have to loose?

Be real guys, tell us about yourself your inspirations share your talent, ask questions in our forums. Many members will be visible to you after a few months when you prove that you are using our networks as


Thank you again boomers

Your MEG Team



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